“Secrets of Droon” by Eliot Smith

He made this little book:


Chapter 1: The Medallion. Julie got Eric by the hand. Julie said, "Look outside" said Julie.

Eric looked outside. Across the street there was a sign that said "For Sale". "Wait," said Eric, "you are moving?" Eric said. "Yes," said Julie, "we are moving."

Eric said, "You are moving, but you can't," said Eric. "We have to," said Julie.

Brownies for Santa, Carrots for Rudolf

A few pictures of Eli’s treats on xmas eve:

Merry Christmas Santa. Thank you for the toys. Thank you for all of the toys. Happy New Year 2011. Hope you give a note. From Eliot. To Santa

A note to mom

This one is amazing. He was up again late drawing after I put him to bed. He came into my room and delivered this note to my bed. We read it last night and afterwards had the biggest, strongest hug for like a minute. I was crying (needless to say) 🙂

Dear Mom I love you so much. You are a great mom. I love to play games with you. I love you so much. i had to write a note to you because you are the best mom a son ever had.

Calculator: A Study

Eli was up late drawing the other night – this was his final masterpiece:

Eli’s most recent self-portrait

self portrait 12/2010

Buster Posey

Great Daddy

Check out this sweet birthday note and envelope Eli gave Scott. Could he be any sweeter?


Grapefruit and spoon

Christmas list 2010

“List for Christmas Eve on December 27 2010”

Number 1 iTouch

Number 2 Duct tape

Number 3 Stuffed Elephant and jacket

Number 4 $15. 3 $5 bills

Number 5 Candy

Number 6  2 Giants Shirts, number 28, number 55

Mr. Sweetie

Eli has been writing the sweetest notes lately! Here are a few:

1-Dear Daddy. You are fun to play with. I like you. I like it when you take me to Ben’s and Anna’s.

2-Dear Mom. I am happy to see you today. I like it when I am at the apartment.

3-Dear Daddy. Thank you for calling Anna to go climbing.

4-Dear Mom. I am happy to see you at Thanksgiving. Love Eliot