Valentine treasure hunt for… (guess who)

Eli did this amazing thing on Sunday¬†morning. I heard him get up about 8:15 or so but he didn’t come out of his room until 9! I thought he might be working on his valentines cards, which he has enjoyed doing for his ladies love. Finally he emerges and peeks into my room and was […]

Recent pictures – spring 2010

Here’s a collection of recent photos from home and around and about. see captions for descriptions

Mr. Sneaky

Sunday morning. A time to sleep in late and enjoy a slow start to a beautiful day. One of the cool things about Eliot getting a little older is that he wakes up and pretty much entertains himself until we get up. Sleeping in is one of life’s real luxuries if you can manage it. […]

a few of Eli’s favorite things

a nice compilation of scenes of favorite things to do at home lately – garbage sculpture, sacking out in the new booster car seat, eli’s new thing – “Daddy Warming Time” on the couch before school, climbing on jeep, math is always popular, copying words from books (homework), “Daddy warming time” again (every morning)

Tiger Balm soup

so I’m outside mowing the lawn. i put away the mower, turn around, and notice a little note on the ground by my feet. I open it up and see this: Hmmm… So I go inside and ask Eli if he has any idea what this is. He says, “It’s a note i made for […]

Things Eliot Eats

Amy and I were remarking tonight what an interesting diet our little boy has. Among his two favorite dishes, which he has carefully constructed himself: a hot dog bun with butter, catsup, and chopped baby carrots; Trader Joe’s tortellini with raspberry jam. Good stuff.

Hodgepodge of Winter Pictures

Here’s an odd assortment of pictures that haven’t been put on the site yet – being silly on bart with dad, being silly at home with dad, being silly bowling… you get the idea

The Joy of Wood

Okay, so it’s been months since we got it, but I STILL can’t stop thinking about and admiring our awesome table! We got it here: This is what it looks like (careful – some are pornographic!): This is what it’s made from: fallen cyprus tree with steel base. This is how big it is:¬† […]

Epic Water Fight

Last weekend was hot – I’m talking epic hot for the Bay Area. So, appropriately, we assembled the water toys and purchased a new kiddie pool as well as some killer water squirters. Well one thing led to another and by the end of our BBQ on Saturday night, Scott and Eliot were embroiled in […]

Monkey man says: “I’m ready for ACTION!”

Update for this week: Eliot had a nice weekend playing at Discovery Museum and screwing around with Cousin Bennington at Auntie Kimberly’s 40th surprise party. They were playing up a storm, digging, hauling dirt/bricks/pinecones with the wheelbarrow, tormenting worms and the like. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring along the camera all weekend, but the biggest […]