Eli’s most recent self-portrait

Buster Posey

Great Daddy

Check out this sweet birthday note and envelope Eli gave Scott. Could he be any sweeter?


Grapefruit and spoon

Christmas list 2010

“List for Christmas Eve on December 27 2010” Number 1 iTouch Number 2 Duct tape Number 3 Stuffed Elephant and jacket Number 4 $15. 3 $5 bills Number 5 Candy Number 6  2 Giants Shirts, number 28, number 55

Mr. Sweetie

Eli has been writing the sweetest notes lately! Here are a few: 1-Dear Daddy. You are fun to play with. I like you. I like it when you take me to Ben’s and Anna’s. 2-Dear Mom. I am happy to see you today. I like it when I am at the apartment. 3-Dear Daddy. Thank […]

How-To Guide

Ok folks – encountered some technical difficulties, but with these simple steps, you too can view the multitude that is Eli as a Kindergartener (Take 1) – Each unit of his kindergarten school work portfolio is first shown in an entry in overview style so you can see the images all at once – if […]

Prospect Sierra Fall photos

Here is a mix of photos from Prospect Sierra events – K parent potluck at our house, Panther Picnic, Halloween, Gabriel’s party, making the Kindergarten chime, bowling – Enjoy!

Good Times, Bad Times

Lest any of you think, based on this blog, that things are only sunny in the Smith household, let me dispel such thoughts by conveying that, as for good times/bad times, of both we’ve had our share. Eli has been acting like crap lately at school. Yesterday at drop-off, Teacher Rosalinda informed Scott that Eli […]

The word of the day is “pediculosis”

Seems it is going around at school…I’m kind of surprised this is the first time we’ve had to deal with it given how social Eliot is. He was very cooperative last night as we washed his hair several times and spent half an hour combing it with some icky-smelling gel to capture all the little […]