Valentine treasure hunt for… (guess who)

Eli did this amazing thing on Sunday┬ámorning. I heard him get up about 8:15 or so but he didn’t come out of his room until 9! I thought he might be working on his valentines cards, which he has enjoyed doing for his ladies love. Finally he emerges and peeks into my room and was […]

Hawaii 2010

Here are a few pics of their great trip to Hawaii!

5th Annual Easter Party

Another hit this year, and beautiful weather to boot. The kids hid the eggs this time around, then dyed some real ones (the Ferrari-Boas’ brought fresh lovely ones from their chickens and duck!). check it out:* *(not depicted is the end of the party, when Eli and Evan chucked the remaining colored eggs against our […]

Ben and Eli

a few pics of the cousins

Eli and Grandma Charlee

at grandparents’ day…

Scott going for a job interview

I helped pick out the tie

Hodgepodge of Winter Pictures

Here’s an odd assortment of pictures that haven’t been put on the site yet – being silly on bart with dad, being silly at home with dad, being silly bowling… you get the idea

Winter Carnival – McCall Jan-Feb 10

We had a fabulous time in McCall last week – several hundred hours of sledding, witnessing curling, elk, sublime hot springs, and fireworks to boot. He’re’s a sampling. (check back for Vol. 2)

Aaaaah… Lake Tahoe

We had a wonderful family vacation at Lake Tahoe just before Eliot started Kindergarten. Tons of fun on the beach, at the pool, at an air show (featuring lots of fighter jets, helicopters, and a C-17 no less), hiking up to a waterfall, playing baseball, and hanging out in the room. And (AND), for your […]

Happy 5th Birthday Eliot!

Eli had the pleasure of not one, not two, but three birthday parties (and two more yet to come – at his preschool, and with the yogamom kids). First was a family party with Grandma Suzi (her birthday is the day before), the other Smith family, Uncle Adam, and his friend Ike and crew. The […]