Yoshi’s drawing binge

Eli and I went to Yoshi’s the other night to see parents of some of his classmates perform. If you don’t know it – Yoshi’s is probably the most famous and prestigous Jazz club in the SF Bay area. He did really well through the entire hour and a half, in large part by drawing like crazy. Here are a few of his drawings:

person with body parts in the wrong places

Old pictures

I came across some really cute pictures of E, and thought i’d pass them along…

“I kinda love you”

I have been having discussions with Eli about how he should probably not send notes to people that say “I love you” ad nauseum, that it’s okay to tell someone you like them but not “love”… anyway, so I find this note in his backpack yesterday (it’s tiny, about 2″x3”):

Dear Gianna. I kinda love you. I like to sit with you and your friends at snack in afterschool.


this is on a paper towel from the boy’s room 🙂

Eliot Smith, songwriter

some of these he learned for the school production of "The Lorax" - the others i'm not sure 🙂

Treasure map

Valentine treasure hunt for… (guess who)

Eli did this amazing thing on Sunday morning. I heard him get up about 8:15 or so but he didn’t come out of his room until 9! I thought he might be working on his valentines cards, which he has enjoyed doing for his ladies love. Finally he emerges and peeks into my room and was figiting with something. I got up and he had taped a note on my door:

Time 8:46 1/23/11 Follow the Markers

On the ground was a trail of markers leading to his room:

and under his bed:

And I found this note:

Dear Mommy. I love you so much. I hid this present because you are giving out so much love to me. I love you!

Here’s the back:

Then he gave me the biggest power hug! I was so overwhelmed, it was just so sweet!!!!

Rulers, basketball guns, football, and note to mom

Some interesting recent drawings etc:

it's a giant gun on which you can play basketball!

it's a football game (go Packers!!)

Hi Mom. I love you. I'll see you soon

He's been on a ruler-drawing frenzy lately!

... see?

If you get the code you have to pay 25 cents. you can't come in. you may ask your mom and dad for 25 cents.

and, of course, more expressions of his endless love 🙂

More love

These are to Gianna, his main crush! He MADE the tiny blue envelope in the one (about 1″x2″ in size)


Eli has launched into his love note phase again 🙂  Here are a few recent ones (these are rated from G  to, well, PG 13?)… Plus I pulled out a valentine making kit the other day, and he made three right off the bat: Me! Scott, and of course Paola, Gianna’s sister 🙂 

I love Paola, Gianna, and Mady (??). You are cute and pretty. I love those girls.

I love Simone so much. I want to kiss her on the lips and i want to hug her and marry her so much and I love her

Dear Paola, I like you! I hope you like 1st grade. I will like 1st grade probably.


outside "envelope"